The 3 best locations on the Fortnite island during Chapter 3

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Our three favorite locations from Fortnite from Chapter 3

With Fortnite closing out Chapter 3, we’ve decided to look back at some of the better moments from the game’s third major arc. The game is getting ready to reveal Chapter 4 come Dec. 3, and with it will come a new map. Whether that means we flip the island back over or we got to a brand-new island is yet to be seen.

Still, with all the changes to the map since we got this version of the island in Chapter 3, Season 1, we thought we’d look back at some of our favorite points of interest (POIs) the game has given us across all four seasons.

This is just our list, so if you have different favorites, feel free to let us know in the comment section.

Three best locations across all of Fortnite’s Chapter 3

Camp Cuddle

This is my personal favorite drop-in site in the game. If you dropped in near the ranger station, on one of the hills closer to the western portion of the area, you were guaranteed great starting loot and little action. Then you could easily slide down, head to the fire tower in the middle of the POI, and start picking people off. It was a great area to get going in.

Sleepy Sound

I love the little cities in Fortnite. They feel homey and inviting. You know, when you’re not being chased by opposing players. Sleepy Sound was great because it made you feel like you were really in small town USA. Plus, the lighthouse was a great POI to mess around in, especially if you liked your snipers.

Grim Gables

Halloween is great, and anything that can capture that magic all year round is always welcomed. Grim Gables is aesthetically the most pleasing POI the game has had all chapter long, and it really embraced that Spooky Doo, horror-movie vibe so many people love.

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