Fortnite made it easier to explore the island outside of Battle Royale

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Fortnite is making it easier to explore the island outside of Battle Royale

One of the things Fortnite has always needed to do a better job of was letting players explore the Fortnite island at their own leisure. Players are always so rude in Battle Royale, constantly trying to eliminate anyone they see. Like that’s the point of the game or some….oh.

Jokes aside, being able to explore the island and maybe even having an interactive game mode that doesn’t require online functionality are two of the biggest requests we see quite a bit. Having a straight-up RPG mode where you can play through the story at your pace seems more likely than ever but still a distant idea.

That idea, however, isn’t as far-fetched anymore, as Fortnite is at least giving fans the ability to play on the island. With the new update, anyone who creates a “starter island” will no longer be doing so on a small, tiny little lump of land, but instead on a copy of the actual Fortnite island itself.

From the Fortnite website;

"In the v22.30 patch, the Battle Royale Island became a “starter island” for creating your own Battle Royale experience in it, or for just wandering around. You can also jump into an experience made by someone else! With this new way to explore the Battle Royale Island, we’ll be vaulting Battle Lab in v23.00."

Battle Lab is being vaulted

To make way for the new Battle Royale Island Creator, the devs are shuttering the Battle Lab, the game creator many fans have used to see their ideas being made into reality. Without the Battle Lab, many fans are going to have to get used to creating game modes from scratch with a whole new interface.

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