“High Octane” Celebration brings item rewards via Fortnite x Rocket League

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As part of the Fortnite x Rocket League crossover, there are new item rewards to get your hands on.

Fortnite X Rocket League has rolled out the “High Octane” celebration, which sees Rocket League’s Octane and Fortnite’s Whiplash join one another’s game. The Octane is described as “unlike any other vehicle” in the game’s stable of vehicles and that’s true. It’s one of the more hyped and interesting additions in a while.

Fans will have until the end of Chapter 3 on Dec. 3, 2022, at 10 AM ET to use the vehicle and complete the High Octane Quests for XP and free cosmetics in the game. To get the free items, fans will have to complete eight quests before the deadline.

If you’re interested, Rocket League is also having its own quests that will need you free decals and such for your cars. What is offered in their part of the crossover is listed below.

Some will even see creator-made islands being used to host some things. So keep your eye out.

What are the High Octane Quests and Item Rewards

"Complete 2 High Octane QuestsFortnite rewards: Aerial Assist Style of the Back Board Back Bling (plus the Back Board Back Bling if not owned already) and Shot in Flight EmoticonComplete 4 High Octane QuestsFortnite rewards: ‘Brella Beach Style of the Back Board Back Bling and the Octane Smash SprayComplete 6 High Octane QuestsFortnite rewards: Battle-car Blaze Style of the Back Board Back Bling Complete 8 High Octane QuestsFortnite rewards: Fifty-Fifty Style of the Back Board Back BlingClutch Victory Pickaxe"

If you complete the eight High Octane Quests, you’ll be able to unlock the following items in Rocket League and Rocket League Sideswipe

"Whiplash CarWhiplash WheelsFlames DecalStripes DecalWings DecalLightning Decal"

While fans will love the skateboard back blings, we hope the game devs knows this doesn’t make up for the No Sweat Summer debacle.

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