Fortnite 101: Who are the roaming henchmen squad and their newest member

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Who are the “Henchbros” in Fortnite?

If you’ve been playing Fortnite for the past few seasons, you’ve undoubtedly seen a rather rag-tag group of people running around. At first, it was just a trio of them, first seen in a hidden compartment near the waterfalls that you had to get to slowly but surely over time. That was until someone figured out you could just use the cowcatcher to get through the area rather quickly.

It was supposed to be an easter egg of sorts for long-time fans as three henchmen were found behind this secret area. The henchmen belonged to the GHOST organization, the SHADOW, organization, and The Last Reality. While the henchmen from GHOST and SHADOW have been buds for a while, the arrival of the Last Reality alien henchmen was new.

This ended up becoming a new thing as the seasons continued. After the defeat of the Imagined Order at the end of Chapter 3, Season 2, the last remaining IO guard joined up with the trio, making it a quartet.

Then, to start season four, when the chrome started taking over the island, the last remaining member of The Seven’s auxiliary support, joined the group as well. In fact, that may have been the most adorable of any of them, as she would spy on them from afar and wave at them hoping to be noticed.

Eventually, she would be the fifth member of the group.

Where are the Henchbros?

You really need to be on the lookout for these cats, as they do make random appearances throughout the game, and are not always together. They’re found a lot in Sleepy Sound/Shiny Sound near the motel. They’re usually rocking out over there, literally.

They can also be found quite a bit near Coney Crossroads/Chrome Crossroads. This one will usually see all five together, but from time to time there will be less, and those other characters can be found elsewhere on the map.

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