Why are some vehicles unable to be driven in Fortnite for every match?

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Some vehicles are booted in Fortnite, but why?

I’ve now played Fortnite for over a year, and honestly, most of the game is pretty simple. There aren’t a lot of confusing things that will hang players up for too long. If it makes money, it’ll come back. If it gets used a lot, it’ll stay. If it annoys fans, it’ll get adjusted. Those fans that serve no purpose in Battle Royale? Those are for team battles so you can revive your teammates.

It all makes sense. It almost, all makes sense. The one thing that I cannot find an answer for is why Fortnite continues to randomly place driving boots on cars. Whenever you start a match, you’ll drop in and you’re bound to see a car or two wherever you land that has a yellow “boot” on the tire.

The boot prohibits the car from being driven in real life and serves the same purpose in the game. Yet, there doesn’t appear to be a reason, at least anymore, for some cars to be drivable and some not to be.

There seems to be no reason for the cars to have boots in Fortnite

After browsing several gaming websites, including GameSpot, Reddit, and even the Fortnite-wiki page for cars, the prevailing wisdom for why Fortnite boots some vehicles and not others is because…

That’s it, that’s the reason; because.

It may have been and may continue to be a way to limit the number of objects in the game. After all, a server can only handle so much, and the game spans a lot of things per contest. So it may be a way to limit the amount the game has to handle.

If that’s not the reason, then it’s time to take off the boot and let the cars roam free.

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