What’s the best way to fight the Inkquistor boss in Fortnite’s Fortnitemares update?

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The Inkquistor boss is giving Fortnite fans fits

Fortnitemares brought in a whole heap of new surprises for fans. One of which was a brand new boss called the Inkquistoor. It’s like Inquistor, but with INK at the front. This makes sense as he’s got an octopus like-head, so it’s both clever wordplay and an accurate way to describe him.

The Inkquistor can be found at the bottom of Grim Gables. Simply go to the haunted mansion and head to the cellar. Once you’re there, you’ll see wood planks in the floor that weren’t there before. Chop away at that and you’ll find a secret level to the basement.

When you’re down there, you’ll see an octopus-like shrine on the floor that will summon the Inkquistor if you stand on it and complete the ritual. Once he’s summoned, it’s game time.

What is the best way to fight the Inkquistor?

The Inkquistor comes off as a tough fight for several reasons. First, you’re in a confined space with woods all around you. As the Inkquistor uses fire in his attacks, this sets you up to getting burned accidentally and losing health. Second, the Inkquistor has three weapons, which is unusual for a Fortnite boss. The Inkquistor can fight you with a mythic SMG, a normal Pumpkin launcher, and firefly jars. This makes fighting him inside his summoning area not the best place to fight him.

The problem is, if you go outside, you’ll then have to contend with him and the zombies that spawn at the location.

The best bet is to keep your distance and avoid his fire attacks. Staying in the summoning area may be the best thing to do, as the zombies will either be limited or won’t arrive at all, and you should be able to keep your distance and use the rocks as cover against his attacks.

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