How do you get the Chrome Punk outfit coming to Fornite?

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Fortnite is giving away a free cosmetic but how do you get it?

Fortnite isn’t the kind of outfit that usually gives away free stuff. They do, pretty regularly, but when you think about what they give away, as opposed to what they actually sell, it’s not even comparable. The percentage of freebees is low. The percentage of freebies that people want is even lower, and the percentage of freebies that you can just get without having to do something absurd like buying a console or suggesting X amount of people to a third-party app is even dumber.

That’s not even talking about the oh-so-very few outfits they give away. Fans lost their minds last Christmas when fans got not one, but two Christmas-themed attires. Well one Christmas, and one frozen banana, but sitll

So this fall, Fortnite has apparently decided to up the ante and give away a chrome-covered pumpkin, called Chrome Punk for fans. But you better believe you’re going to have to work for him.

But, how do you get Chrome Punk? Well, you have to complete the Chrome Punk quests which are not yet live as of this writing.

What else is coming with Chrome Punk when he finally gets released?

Fortnite will not just be giving away Chrome Punk either. As this is a tiered challenge, you can get three total prizes, with Chrome Punk being the final reward for reaching Level 50. The other two are going to be a Back Bling and a loading Screen.

The quests are currently live and you can start getting your free cosmetics by just playing the game. Keep in mind that the window for this attire runs through the end of the current season. So you have some time, just not a lot of it.

It’d be great if Fortnite did this regularly, per season.

dark. Next. Can we be done with the Star Wars crossovers for a while?