It’d be great if Fortnite did less with Star Wars and more with Star Trek

We know fans like Star Wars, but it’d be great if Star Trek would get some love too.

We’ve written before that the Star Wars crossovers are a bit played out. We’ve gotten quite a bit of them in recent months and they’re starting to feel old and stale. Not to mention the fact that the lightsabers and blasters are overpowered as heck.

What is made even worse is that the folks at Fortnite seem to be favoring their deal with Disney, and all of its owned properties. This is could be why we’re getting so much Disney-focused content in recent months. While other, non-Disney characters do pop up, even those in direct competition, the fact is we’re not getting a lot of non-Disney stuff.

It’d be great if we got some more DC, or even Image Comics characters. The Walking Dead and Invincible would make for great content. And instead of doing more Star Wars nonsense, how about some Star Trek?

Star Trek deserves to get the Fortnite treatment before another round of Star Wars content

With the return to form for Star Trek following the debut and success of Strange New Worlds, it’d be great if we could see any involvement from Star Trek in the gaming space. Star Trek has its own share of beloved characters, arguably more than Star Wars, and its own unique weaponry.

You could do blaster rifles, phasers, and Klingon Batliff, while bringing in little Enterprise Backblings and the Vulcan Salute Emotes.

Not to mention the number of characters you can build around for the season. You could even do an entire Battle Pass built around different characters and different eras of Star Trek. Plus, not to mention all the other things like LTMs, new mythics and so many other things that could be implemented for fans to get their hands on.