The new Cobra DMR is both an improvement and a failure over the original DMR

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Fortnite brought in the new Cobra DMR and it’s both a good and bad rifle.

Fortnite had long been teasing a new DMR coming to the game, after just introducing the first one in Chapter 3, Season 3. That season was known for its lackluster weapons but the DMR was among the few weapons that actually felt like it was unique, different, and dare I say; fun to use.

So it was a bit controversial to bring in a new DMR this fast. Especially because it caused the old DMR to be vaulted. The old DMR did more damage per shot but was slower, and didn’t carry as large of a magazine as the Cobra does. The original DMR also had a scope that allowed you to zoom in.

It was a great weapon if you weren’t trying to pick off people from a town over. It had a faster firing rate than a sniper, carried more bullets, and gave you almost as good of a scope. The sniper still had more stopping power and did zoom in more but it was a nice weapon if you weren’t shooting at stationary objects.

The new DMR has a red-dot sight instead of a scope, which gives you more bang for your buck if you have a lunatic bearing down on you but it doesn’t actually replace the need for a sniper if you’re a long-range player.

The new DMR could be better if you did something unique with it

Is the new Cobra DMR better than the original? Depends on how you use it. If you want a more accurate rifle for midrange combat and the ability to get more consistent headshots, sure. If you use it for a medium-long-range weapon to avoid shotgun battles and picked off players from afar; no.

The Cobra is more forgiving with its misses, hence the deeper clip. A little readjustment and you can still drop someone before needing to reload. The sight however is not an upgrade over the scope.

If you were to adjust it so slightly where you can flip through different magnifications, it could very well overtake the original DMR. Until then, however, the Cobra DMR has some issues that don’t make it an improvement over the original, even if it is more forgiving.

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