All the major map changes that have come to Fortnite with the v22.10 update

Epic Games, cloudy condos
Epic Games, cloudy condos /

Fortnite changed a lot of their island with their latest update.

Fortnite’s latest update changed a lot of the Fortnite island. A lot of major changes came due to the situation with the ever-increasing chrome that’s spreading across the titular island. The chrome belongs to The Herald who brought it with her upon her arrival on the island.

Due to the chrome spreading out and taking over parts of the island, in some instances turning buildings and flora into chrome-covered versions of themselves, in others creating chrome structures that can’t be destroyed or passed through.

Due to the ever-increasing presence of the chrome, Fortnite’s local municipalities have taken it upon themselves to protect the island in anyway they can. For some that means erecting structures to protect themselves from the chrome, for others, it’s about turning parts of their enterprises into floating islands.

So what parts of the island have changed?

All the major island changes

Sleepy Sound and the Lofty Lighthouse

Portions of Sleepy Sound are being hoisted up into the air by cranes. Not only that but there is now a new lighthouse in the area. Well, it’s the lighthouse on the peninsula across the bay from Sleepy Sound but it’s now mobile, in the air, and part of Sleepy Sound. At least for now.

The Reality Tree

The tree is long dead but now it’s being overtaken by the large chrome moldings that are popping up. These are indestructible and make for good cover but you can’t traverse them so make sure you don’t get stuck.

Lustrous Lagoon

Lustrous Lagoon is where the Daily Bugle was, and where the Pirate Ship could be found prior to the new season. The pirate ship is traveling around the island now and Lustrous Lagoon is now the worst place to drop in during a match. There is really nothing here anymore.

The Driftwood (Pirate ship)

The pirate ship is still doing its thing but it’s now on the move. So make sure you spot it before it leaves again.

The Flairship (Blimp)

The rebuilt IO blimp is now on the move across the island as well. It’s located currently near the new Grim Gables (replacing Shifty Shafts) POI.

Grim Gables

Grim Gables is a great new addition to the game, as it’s a mansion-like house in the vein of classic horror movies. It’s spooky but honestly, could be spookier.

Chrome Crossroads

My favorite POI to drop in on has been heavily altered and now has most of the location erected on steel gurders. Some of the area has been lost to the chrome, like the small apartment building next to the gas station and the second house near the bridge.

No Sweat Insurance

The No Sweat Insurance building from Tilted Towers has made its way over to the outskirts of Chrome Crossroads. It too is being elevated to avoid it being contaminated by the chrome.

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