The Fortnite X Rocket League crossover is weak for one key reason

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Epic Games ,rocket league /

Fortnite X Rocket League is here but it’s utterly disappointing for most players.

The folks at Fortnite have crossed over with a lot of great things over the years. From Marvel to DC, from the NFL and the NBA. They always seem to get the crossovers right. As recently as the Dragon Ball crossover, fans of Fortnite could say this as a matter of fact. Fortnite gets crossovers right.

Yet, when they decided to hook up with Rocket League, the quintessential partner for Fortnite, few would have guessed that the idea would be so poorly implemented upon its release. The Fortnite crossover seemingly contains nothing more than an island creation tool for players to use to submit their own idea and the Rocket League’s Octane car. A car that should’ve been in more modes than just creative.

The winner of the Rocket League-themed map will be featured in a new Discover row in November but that seems to be about it. That’s an ok thing for the crossover to include but the fans of the games wanted one major thing that Fortnite is not giving us.

Fortnite fans wanted the Rocket League Octane in Battle Royale

Getting the iconic Octane in Battle Royale, with all of its dumb, fun physics would have been amazing. Would it have broken the game? Maybe. Would we have cared? No. With so many of the floating pieces of the map containing ramps to drive off, why would you not include this in the game?

It makes all the sense in the world and Fortnite, once again, disappoints by not being as innovative as they think they are. The crossover plan with Rocket League is a great idea and some real out-of-the-box thinking.

The fact that they couldn’t even put the Octane in to use, however, reeks of a missed opportunity. These half-measures are what turn fans off of the game in the first place.

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