Should all weapons have an auto-evolution like the EvoChromes?

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Fortnite has brought in EvoChrome weapons but should the gimmick be applied to all weapons?

As part of the new season, Fortnite brought in the chrome, and chrome-based weapons. These new chrome-based weapons are called EvoChromes and there are two types, a rifle, and a shotgun. Both weapons are unique for a variety of reasons.

The rifle is a burst rifle and has a cool metallic sound when you use it, almost like a laser beam being shot. The shotgun is a widespread shotgun, and a lot of fans aren’t happy with it. While the spread guarantees a better chance of hitting your target, it’s also less powerful than others.

That is unless you use each item enough. See, the biggest thing that separates EvoChrome weapons from others is the fact that you can improve their rarity, thus making them stronger. You could get a common EvoChrome rifle, and use it until it becomes a Mythic level weapon. This basically destroys any reason to fight the Herald at this point but still, it’s a neat trick. That said, should all weapons evolve?

Should Fortnite allow other weapons to improve their rarity over time?

Allowing other weapons in Fortnite to improve their rarity and evolve over the course of the game may seem like a dumb idea, but it may actually be the next logical step. Instead of hoping to find a Legendary version of the weapon you’re using, you can just earn it over time.

You’d have to raise the levels a lot, making sure that you don’t just max out your entire inventory, but if adjusted correctly and balanced perfectly, you could in fact make weapon evolution a staple for all Fortnite weapons.

I don’t think it’ll affect the game much at all, as you’ll still have to drop and pick up weapons and items throughout the game. Plus you can still make it so you can find legendary weapons as well. So why not?

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