What’s the best way to fight the Chapter 3, Season 4 boss, The Harold

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What’s the best way to beat the Herald?

The Herold is the new main boss of Fortnite, replacing Darth Vader as the villain of the season. Chapter 3, Season 3’s Darth Vader was so hard it was unenjoyable to do battle with him. Not only did you have to contend with Vader, and his force choke, but you also had to deal with two Stormtroopers, whose accuracy was far better than you may think.

It was not fun, and the force choke specifically was a pain in the rear to deal with. You couldn’t even run away if Vader was active in his combat mode. He would just yank you back without a second thought.

The Herald is nowhere near as hard, but she isn’t a cakewalk either. Fighting her will surely cause some grief, especially if you just drop in and fight her right off the bus.

The best way to fight The Herald is far easier than you will realize

The three biggest issues with fighting The Herald are as follows; she summons two chrome wolves to attack you, her rifle causes a lot of damage and her area doesn’t have a lot of loot and even fewer shield items. This makes the fight with her as hard as Vader, even though she’s technically much easier. The best way to fight The Herald is to keep your distance.

The Herald is in a room that has several floors. The second floor wraps around the main chamber as if it were a balcony of sorts. The best way to fight the Herald is to land elsewhere, get your shield to full strength, get to the second floor of the sanctum and take aim from on high.

There are steps right behind her throne that allows you to move up to this section, or you can just climb up there and head there from the second floor and avoid activating the fight early. When you’re above her chamber, destroy the steps that lead down. This will prevent her wolves from causing issues.

As you’ll likely have low ammo and minimal health items, not dealing with the wolves is the way to go. Make sure you have an accurate rifle and just pick her off from a distance. She’ll try and shoot you, and when she does you either keep firing or move. Then when she summons her wolves, you disappear from her eyeliner and the wolves will disappear after a few seconds.

Then you repeat until she’s defeated.

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