New vaults and chests are coming to Fortnite this season

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Fortnite is bringing in even more vaults and chests for this season.

Fortnite has made a lot of changes to the game this season, one of the big changes is the new vaults that you can raid. For just a key or two, you can get your hands on some pretty impressive loot, some gold, lots of healing and shield items, and of course ammo.

For one key, you can get access to the Low-Security vaults, which have the same level of weapons and items you’ll find. With two keys, you’ll get access to High-Security vaults. These vaults have the same level of weapons as Low Security but in greater abundance, as well as more of everything else.

Coming soon, the game is bringing in yet more vaults, all of which will be hidden underground somewhere, and these will require three keys to enter. The vaults will also seemingly have way more to offer than the previous two vaults, but likely just more specific things, not necessarily better items or weapons. These will be called Maximum Security vaults.

New cases are coming to Fortnite this season as well

New combat cases are on their way to the island as well, and these, like the vaults, will also require keys to open them. Inside these items will be weapons, healing items, and other things to help you win your Battle Royale. There will be three weapon-themed cases and according to leakers a consumable/exotic item case. No word on how solid that idea is right now.

These four cases can be broken down into the consumable, exotic items case, the weapon display case small, the weapon display case, and the wild or rare weapon cases. The last of which will seemingly include weapons vaulted to other players.

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