Fortnite could end Chapter 3 in December according to new theory

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Fortnite may be prepping for a very quick turnaround on Chapters.

Fortnite saw the end of Chapter 2 in dramatic fashion, with the entire lobby taking on the Cube Queen and the Last Reality. It was a one-sided butt-kicking that saw the entire island as we know it flip upside down. Players were introduced to The Rock as The Foundation and the game was shut down for nearly a full day as things were changed up.

If you remember that and thought, “gee, that was like a week ago”, you’re not wrong, as Chapter 2 closed out on Dec. 5th, 2021, not even 10 months ago. Chapter 2 lasted for two years, starting Oct. 15, 2019, and lasting until Dec. 5, 2021.

Chapter 1 lasted from the start of the game until Otc. 13. 2019. As Fortnite just celebrated five years, that means that Chapter 1 lasted about two years as well.

So would you buy the new theory that Fortnite Chapter 4 could launch in December?

One new theory has Fortnite Chapter 4 starting in December

The news of a new island coming to the game’s code isn’t new or shocking, that’s bound to happen eventually. The timing of such additions however has been the key that many people have focused on. Fortnite News looked at the theory in depth and basically broke down why Season 4 could be the end of Chapter 3.

The whole thing is a bit lengthy, so you can read it here for more details. We’ll just hit the bullet points. Basically, it breaks down like this;

  • Cosmetics have descriptions that are similar to past cosmetics that were released at the end of season 2
  • Quotes from Epic Games CCO Donald Mustard used during Chapter 2, Season 8 are being repurposed for Chapter 3, Season 4 in a variety of places.
  • The new map, Asteria, has already been added and is being tested by Epic Games.
  • The elements present in Chapter 2, Season 8 (map corruption, evil character, live event) are being repeated in Chapter 3, Season 4.
  • v22.40 update last update of the season before Version 23 is implemented.

Does any of this mean that a new island or even a new Chapter is coming to Fortnite? No, of course not, but Epic Games have proven one thing with Fortnite; the only thing you can expect is the unexpected.

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