Biplanes and Choppas returning this season makes total sense

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A new Fortnite rumor has Biplanes and Choppas returning this season.

Chapter 3, Season 4 has introduced the chrome to the island. A byproduct of the Herold arriving on the island. Believed to have spawned due to the Reality Tree meeting the Zero Point, the Herald’s chrome has started to take over large parts of the island. While this is bad news for the characters in Fortnite, it’s great news for the players, as you can use the chrome to traverse at high rates of speed.

That doesn’t mean the island hasn’t reacted in kind. Numerous parts of the island have started to rise up from the ground, floating above the island’s surface, in some instances only a launcher can get you on top of these new floating structures.

The island will likely have most of their POIs floating above the chrome the longer the season goes on and the more the chrome covers the island. So with most of the map being raised into the air, it makes total sense to bring back planes and helicopters.

Fortnite is apparently bringing planes and helicopters back to the game

A new rumor has the folks at Fortnite bringing X-4 Stormwing biplane and Choppas back to Fortnite’s island, and fans should be super excited about the possibilities that these two vehicles bring to the game. If the island does get overwhelmed by the chrome, and players are forced to stay off the island or at least encouraged, then the aerial vehicles will be a hot commodity.

The vehicles need weapons to make this portion of the game fun. The X-4 has a front-mounted gun, but the Choppa has nothing unless you have other players on with you, and since most people play Battle Royale or Zero Build solo, that’s not really an option.

Dog fights in the sky would be a huge element brought to the Fortnite island, and hopefully, the developers at Epic Games give it to us.

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