4 things you can do with Chrome in the latest season of Fortnite

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Have you figured out all the things you can do with the Chrome yet?

Fortnite made a bold move with Chapter 3, Season 4 by bringing in the Herold and her Chrome. The Chrome is covering the island and will continue to do so as the season continues on. The entire island may be covered by this mysterious substance by the time the season ends.

It’s believed to have come from the death of the Reality Tree and some theories suggest that the reality tree roots interacted with the Zero Point and that’s how the chrome came through. It may also have just arrived with the Herold when she arrived on the island. It’s largely a mystery at this point.

What we do know is that the Chrome gifts the player certain powers that make the game far more interesting than you may be aware of.

Four things you can do with the Chrome in Fortnite

Splash treasure chests

Are you looking for EvoChrome weapons? Well, all you have to do is throw a Chrome canister at any regular treasure chest to change the contents from the ordinary weapons to the chrome-covered kind. With the increased load of EvoChrome weapons in the game now, this trick really isn’t needed anymore. Still, it’s cool to do.

Harvest chrome from materials

If you find a tree or rock, you can harvest Chrome Canisters from the object. It’s easier with a high-rate of fire weapons, like a rifle or SMG, but just using a pickaxe will give you some. An SMG or other high-rate of fire weapon will do the same, however, just in far more abundance.

Travel through floors and ceilings

Yes, you can travel through the walls if they or you’re covered in chrome. But did you know that if you morphed into the chrome-ball form, that you can also shift through ceilings and floors? Just look up and hit the left trigger to send you through ceilings and floors. Going through floors only works if you’re not on the first floor of a building, and you can’t go through ceilings that are higher than a standard room. So lofty ceilings or buildings that are missing floors won’t work.

Metalic emotes

Emotes that make sounds will now be affected when covered in The Chrome. You’ll have a weird metallic reverb that is utterly unsettling.

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