Fortnite gives fans a free wrap for being down for 11+ hours but is it enough?

Epic Games, cloudy condos
Epic Games, cloudy condos /

Fortnite went down for 11 hours to update the game.

Players logging on about 24 hours ago were more than likely shocked to find that the game was down. I know I sure was. I logged in late in the night and the servers were already down. I checked, and it turned out there was a 4 AM ET downtime scheduled, but this was several hours before.


Turns out there was a good reason for the long downtime, and it had to do with a massive overhaul of the map. The map was not amended too much between Chapter 3, Seasons 3, and 4. There were some additions, like some points of interest and small parts of cities being raised into the sky but very little changed.

That was not the case here, as nearly every tiny town and POI not only was lifted into the air, but some of them started moving around. Like the blimp by the Rave Cave being nowhere near it now. The issue isn’t the length of time it was down for, but the unexpectedness of the update and the length of time combined.

For that fans got the Sweat-Free wrap for free as a make-good for the trouble and understanding but was it enough?

Fortnite did owe fans for the unexpected downtime but a wrap works

The fact Fortnite gave fans anything at all for being down for any amount of time was a nice gesture by the game and its publisher Epic Games.  The fact is, Fortnite and Epic should do more, easy to obtain, free giveaways like this, and the fact they don’t is my biggest issue with them.

The fact they only gave away a free wrap for being down for 11-ish hours isn’t one of the issues I have. Especially considering how much they overhauled the map in the process. It’s chaos right now and it’s amazing.

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