Fortnite may be hinting at movie monsters coming in for Fortnitemares

Epic Games, Fortnitemares, Frankenstein
Epic Games, Fortnitemares, Frankenstein /

Fortnitemares may be bringing in iconic movie monsters.

Fortnite may be bringing in some iconic movie monsters this year. With every new update, there’s always a crossover of some kind that’s announced, and this year may be no different with the Fortnitemares about to arrive in the game. With it, we may see some classic horror icons arrive on the Fortnite island.

There are rumors abound about what could be coming to the game this season, one of them has been a few horror icons, specifically Freddy Krueger.

In the announcement trailer for the upcoming Fortnitemares event, fans may have seen a tease of what’s to come. In the tweet, the official Fortnite account revealed that players can expect “screams, bad dreams and all monstrous things”.

If the Freddy Krueger leak is true, then this may show us the first hints of it, with the “bad dreams” comment. Freddy Krueger after all haunted the dreams of teens, so it makes sense. Now, “Screams” and “Monstrous Things” could have their own meaning.

The Scream franchise may be involved, as the main villain Ghost Face could pop up in Fortnite. As for the other hint, it could be a look at a classic horror movie icon like the Werewolf or Creature from the Black Lagoon.

It could be a whole number of things, frankly.

Don’t read too much into this Tweet from Fortnite

It’s very possible and maybe even likely that Freddy Krueger arrives in Fortnite this October, but knowing the game’s track record of over-hyping and under-delivering recently, I wouldn’t take much stock in any rumor unless there’s something more substantial to it.

The game is likely going to bring in someone huge for the Fortnitemares event, but if they don’t, don’t be surprised. This is some vague, double-meaning messaging from the Fortnite Twitter account. So who knows what’s true at this point?

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