Fortntite bringing in a load of new Halloween-themed outfits for players

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Fortnite has brought back a series of great Halloween-themed offers for you to get your hands on.

Fortnite has brought together a great collection of past outfits and packs for fans to get their hands on this spooky Halloween season. The game now offers four packs, and a whole host of individual characters that you can purchase independently of one another.

We already discussed some items listed on the Fortnite store, including the Shadow Midas Outfit, Peely Bone Outfit, Boxy Outfit, Boxer Outfit, Hemlock Outfit, Hay Man Outfit, and Straw Ops Outfit. Most of these are still available on the Fortnite store but the remaining could be gone as soon as 8 PM, so if those are of interest then you better act fast.

The rest of the list is items that should be in the store for some time. So be sure to check out Fortnite’s store page as soon as possible to get your hands on these very awesome packs.

What packs are in the Fortnite store

Final Reckoning Pack

  • Catrina Outfit
  • Mourning Glory Back Bling
  • Willow Outfit (+1 additional style)
  • Dolly Back Bling
  • Blacklight Outfit (+1 additional style)
  • Indigo Wings Back Bling

Ultimate Reckoning Pack

  • Gnash Outfit (+1 additional style)
  • Lil Gnashy Back Bling
  • Violet Outfit
  • UV Wings Back Bling
  • Grave Outfit
  • Reapers BackPlate Back Bling

Skull Squad Pack

  • Fishskull Outfit
  • Bait Bones Pickaxe
  • Skull Squad Leader Outfit
  • Cuddly Bones Back Bling
  • Bone Boss Outfit
  • Creep Fried Back Bling
  • Beef Bone Pickaxe
  • Bone Ravage Outfit
  • Bone Wings Back Bling
  • Skelly Sailer Glider
  • Bony Wrap

Crypt Crashers Pack

  • Midnight Dusk Outfit (+1 additional style)
  • Batty Pack Back Bling
  • Vamp Axe Pickaxe
  • Arachne Couture Outfit
  • Arachnid Tote Back Bling
  • Webspinner’s Slice Pickaxe
  • Nightsurfer Bomber Outfit (+1 additional style)
  • Firebreaker’s Daypack Back Bling
  • Dark Days Pickaxe

More Spooky Offers (Not a bundle or pack)

  • Skull Trooper (+1 additional style)
  • Skull Ranger (see above)
  • Skull Sickle
  • Grinning Ghoul
  • Crypt Cruiser

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