Are the levels too high for the newest Battle Pass outfits?

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Epic Games, battle pass /

Fans are complaining about the Battle Pass levels needed to unlock outfits.

Fans of Fortnite have long had issues with the Battle Pass as the game has laid it out. It’s a service that allows you to get different outfits, and styles of said outfits, as well as pickaxes, back blings, and gliders as well for one seasonal payment.

It’s a great idea in theory. Get any number of new characters for the price of one new outfit in the store, and all you have to do to get them all is play the game. That’s it. The more you level up after purchasing the Battle Pass, the more you get.

The only problem is that some of the rewards are absolutely nonsensical and blocked behind some absurd levels. For the most part, every 10th level will unlock a new page. Level 10 will get you page 2, 20 will get you page 3, 30 will get you page 4, 40 will get you page 5, 50 will get you page 6, etc.

The problem is, if you want characters like Spider-Gwen with her unmasked variant, you need to grind all the way to Level 120. You’ll need to get to Level 140 to get the Celestial, Aerial, and Spectral attires for the Battle Pass characters.

Considering how hard it is to earn all the trinkets and levels needed to get to such a level, that means a good majority of players who do play consistently will be out of luck. This is even compounded further by the fact that fans hate this year’s battle pass.

Fortnite needs to make the grinding worth it or increase the ease of XP

Since the biggest issues are the designs of the characters and how hard it is to clear the entire board earning everything, the simple solution is to do a better job of gathering opinions from fans and make it easier to get them all.

Fortnite sends out survey’s all the time, why is it they can’t do a better job acquiring the data for the characters fans want most? Getting a better handle on the outfits fans want, not putting them behind absurd paywalls or silly free give aways where you’re dealing with third-party outlets, would work.

There are plenty of outfits that fans wanted that were made difficult to get for no reason. If Fortnite put some more effort into researching who fans want, this wouldn’t be such an issue anymore.

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