The new Unstable Goo Gun is in Fortnite but what’s it like to use?

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The new Unstable Goo Gun is in Fortnite and it’s everything we’ve been asking for.

The new Unstable Goo Gun is in Fortnite and fans should be rejoicing as it’s everything fans have wanted in the game. It’s wild, it’s uncontrollable, it’s something unlike anything we’ve ever seen, you can stack the thing on top of itself and it causes utter chaos.

When the gun was first introduced, we were left wondering what the gun would be like to use. The trailer depicted The Paradigm using it to clear a group of enemies and did so in a fluid motion from right to left.

Was that how the gun was going to work, with the ability to direct your stream of goo, or was it going to be an automated motion? Well, fans who were hoping to play Splatoon but with explosive goo, you’re in luck, because you have free range over this puppy.

Fortnite’s Unstable Goo Gun lives up to its name

The Unstable Goo Gun has a 200 count on ammo, and a full clip is 20 “rounds”. A full clip is enough to destroy most walls, floors, and ceilings of a building or even a car. A full clip is also enough to eliminate an opponent.

Enemies who get covered in just a small amount have been known to sprint the goo off. Now whether this is a defense to the goo or a glitch is unknown, but if you’re covered in a little bit, sprint and watch the goo go away.

You have to be careful though because if someone pours a whole clip on you, you’re going to be pulling your best Wild E. Coyote impersonation because you will explode into a ball of nothing and get knocked out of the game.

The unstable part of the gun has to do with the fact that the goo will harm you. It’s not a short-range weapon, not truly, because, unlike a shotgun, this weapon causes harm to you. So if you’re in a tight quarter and you use it on an enemy, it’s very likely when the goo explodes, you will too. If you have full health (and an overshield), you’ll likely survive but if you don’t, see ya.

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