Fortnite announces that Chapter 3 will be ending in December

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After much speculation, Fortnite has announced Chapter 4 will arrive in December.

Fortnite fans have long been speculating that Chapter 4 could be coming as soon as the end of Chapter 3, Season 4 in December. This seemed a bit absurd, as Chapter 3 just started in 2021, and chapters usually go for longer than one year.

Many thought that the game would continue with its trend of doing five or six seasons per Chapter but that apparently was going to be the case.

During an event on Sunday, Fortnite fans were shown that Chapter 3 was in fact coming to an end in December, with the season finale event being called “Fracture”.

Does this bleed into Chapter 4? No idea, but we now do know that Fortnite Chapter 3 ends on Dec. 3, 2021. The live event is still unknown at this point and time though many believe it’ll involve the chrome somehow, and it overtakes the entire island.

Though this is just speculation at the moment.

What could the Fracture event include and when does Chapter 4 start?

So now that we know when the Fracture event is, what could it mean? I think the island will be overtaken by the chrome, and as we’ve seen already, large, unbreakable hexagonal crystals will emerge and make the island fracture under the stress of it.

That, in my opinion, is the catalyst for the new map.

We’ll see if my theory holds water, but when is Chapter 4 start? Well, we know that Chapter 3 will end on Dec. 3, and there has long been a rumored downtime of two days, so it would stand to reason that Dec. 5 will see the new season start.

While that’s speculation at this point, that’s also in line with what past updates of this size have been. The game went down for over a day last December for Chapter 3, so expect a longer-than-usual delay.

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