Fortnite 101: 4 hidden places you can find loot in Fortnite

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Need loot? Have you looked at these three locations?

Getting loot, weapons, ammo and the like is key to survival in Fortnite. Once you drop in, it’s all about survival, and having the best loadout possible that is tailored to your needs is essential. Finding places where you can get loot from, and more important shelter is so important. So, if you find yourself in one of your usual dropzones and you’re lacking your usual essentials, you may need some help.

Now, at this point, these may be common knowledge to older players, but new players are joining the game every day, and we want to help everyone be the best player they can be. That means we’re going to give you tips, even if they may seem obvious to everyone, doesn’t mean they are.

Now each of these locations is hidden, and all require a key to get in. So don’t just drop in, you’ll need to get one key for two of the locations first. Once you do that, here are some places you may be able to find some stuff, all while staying out of sight.

Three places we recommend you check out

House east of Tilted Towers

The house east of Tilted Towers is near the lake. Head there and look for the bookcase. That or chop your way through the floor. There is usually a chest and sometimes a healing item there. It’s out of sight and if you use the chrome blob form to merge through the floor, you’ll be able to enter the area without destroying anything, keeping you free from players who aren’t paying attention to such things.

Just west of the gas station near Harlod’s Sanctum

Near where the gas station is hovering, if you look to the west of it, towards Tilted Towers, you’ll see some shrubs on a hill, overlooking the river bank. In there, you’ll find a one-key vault.

West of Chonkers Speedway, garage of the house

This one isn’t used nearly as much, but if you go to Chonkers Speedway and go a bit westerly (or go south and hug the road going west), you’ll find a house and a garage. In the garage is a minimum security vault.

Near the Giant Chair

On the eastern part of the island, you’ll find that there’s a giant chair. Overlooking the giant chair is a little hill just northeast-ish of it. In that little blue building, you’ll find a low-security, one-key, vault.

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