Fortnite’s new Big Battle LTM is a mess for players

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Fortnite has introduced Big Battle LTM but it’s a mess.

Fortnite created the Big Battle LTM, pitting 40 players vs. 40 players. It’s not even the biggest game mode they’ve done but it certainly is an ambitious one. It changes the dynamic of the game and puts it on its ear. Instead of small units or solo combat, it’s now asking entire swathes of people to play together to try and win the day.

It’s a great concept in theory. It’s a terrible idea in execution.

The game mode has not been the easiest to get into, and it’s riddled with bugs and match-making issues that make it relatively unplayable. Not to mention the fact that no one seems to want to play it.

What is wrong with the Big Battle LTM?

The game mode has issues, firstly is the fact most players don’t seem all that interested in it. I jumped into it on day one and found next to one in the game with me. I tried several different matches and never eclipsed 20 player total. For a game mode that boasts 80 potential players, I never saw anywhere near that number. This was during peak activity hours on launch day, mind you, easily the best chance to get players.

Not only was no one playing, but it took me nearly 20 minutes of dealing with glitches and bugs to actually access the game. I was taken through a seemingly never-ending wave of portals, one after another, taking me further from the game.

Apparently, if you don’t load into the game correctly, you’re just hopping from fan-made island to fan-made island until you’ve had enough.

The other biggest issue was the match-making. In one game, the most I saw at one time, there were 18 players with me. Ok, great, 9 vs. 9. It’s not the Big Battle promised but it could still be fun.

We ended up getting two teams, one with five players, and the other with 13.

Guess who won?

Maybe the game mode has been fixed in the three or so days since I last played it, but I’ve already experienced all I need to with the mode. Try it out for yourself and let me know what you thought of the Big Battle LTM.

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