Fortnite is finally giving fans the skateboards they’ve long wanted but not how you think

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Fortnite is finally fulfilling its promise to bring skateboard to fans but not as we expected.

Fortnite fans were very excited this summer with the promise of skateboards and skating coming to the game. No Sweat Summer was set to release a brand-new mechanic that would allow fans to skate. Whether that meant skateboards or roller skating, we’re not entirely sure, but it was the feature of the summer.

A feature that never came.

We got the skate ramps that were supposed to go along with it, and man did so many players drop in at the skate ramps the day they dropped only to be disappointed that there was nothing to skate on them with.

We got hoodwinked. The unofficial word was that the dev team was going on vacation and didn’t want to be away from the office when the new mechanic dropped, just in case the game broke. Fair, but then to never release the new game mechanic after it felt just mean.

Well, Fortnite is finally delivering on its promise to skaters, but not in the way we thought. Nope, instead, we’re getting officially branded Fortnite skateboards for real.

A cool concept that fails to serve as the makegood it was proposed to be

Listen, I’m a big fan of skate culture. Sure, I prefer boots to boards, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a cool concept. They’re vibrant, and colorful and capture the essence of the late 80s and early 90s California skate scene. Much appreciated.

That said, at just $45, these aren’t exactly the best you can get for your money. A good, quality board is at least $100 on its own. So these aren’t really for use, but for show. Which is fine, it adds a nice ambiance. But fans want the digital thing for the game.

Until fans get the in-game skateboards we were promised, it won’t matter how many real skateboard designs you give us, it just won’t be enough.

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