5 best crossovers outfits during Chapter 3 of Fortnite

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Fortnite has a history of great crossover outfits and these are our five favorites from Chapter 3.

Fortnite’s Chapter 3 has been an uneven mess when it comes to the quality of content offered for players to engage in. The game has missed some major moments, noted most heavily by the No Sweat Summer debacle that gave fans very little to do.

Yet, they nailed it with the crossover outfits, bringing some of the very best characters from around the world to the game for fans to purchase. This isn’t new, but this may have been arguably the best crop we’ve ever gotten.

While these aren’t all of the good ones, these are the ones we thought had the biggest impact on the game, the fandom, and the experience at large. Make sure to note, however, that this is specifically about the cosmetics, not about full-on crossovers. So don’t expect Dragon Ball, as that will likely appear in another column.

Our five favorite Fortnite crossover outfits from Chapter 3

Spider-Man (Season 1)

Spider-Man’s arrival came off the heels of No Way Home and came in with more than just his standard attire. Yet, the actual Spider-Man costume itself was what everyone was hoping to get their hands on.

Boba Fett (Season 1)

Boba Fett was dope, no one can deny that. While the Star Wars scene was overplayed, Mandalorians and people wearing their armor, are among the coolest aspect of the series currently.

Cobra Kai (Season 1)

While we wanted to see actual characters from the show, like Johnny, Daniel, and heck yah Mike Barnes, getting the outfits were at least something to be thankful for.

John Cena (Season 3)

You may not be able to see him, but John Cena’s arrival was very welcomed, especially since he’s winding down in the ring. This may be among the last times you can get merch with him as a member of the WWE.

Ash Williams (Season 4)

Who doesn’t love Ash Williams, and more specifically, Bruce Campbell?

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