3 other classic meme moments that Fortnite should make emotes of

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Fortnite brought in the Numa Numa meme but hopefully, they bring in others.

Fortnite brought in the Numa Numa meme as a new emote and the fans are loving it. For those not familiar with the 18-year-old meme, it was created by then-18-year-old Gary Brolsma, who danced in his chair, while on his webcam, to the pop song “Dragostea Din Tei”, by the Moldovan group OZone.

It became a wildly successful video and people everywhere shared and spread it like hotcakes. It became one of the most successful videos of its era, racking up 700 million views at one point. That made it the most-watched video of its era.

The success of the meme has us thinking about what other memes Fortnite should bring in as an emote, especially from that era. With Fortnite catering to so many fans from all eras, fans of a certain age would love to see some of their favorite memes from the beginning of the concept get a second life on Fortnite.

Three other emotes we want in Fortnite based on popular classic memes

Dramatic Chipmunk

The dramatic Chipmunk video was actually that of a prairie dog, and it featured the aforementioned animal standing on a box of some sort, and turning around to face the camera with chilling music over it.

Star Wars Kid

In 2002, a young man named Ghyslain Raza recorded himself play-fighting with a golf ball retriever, but he wasn’t the most athletic and ended up looking more humorous than intimidating. The video went viral and even popped up as a meme on South Park eventually.

Howard Dean’s Scream

Oh if there’s one that needs to be in the game, it’s the iconic Howard Dean “Yeeaaaah!” from his presidential campaign in 2004. Running for president, Dean was rallying his base after a loss and started excitedly telling everyone they were going to win the next place they went, before capping it off with an excited howler. It’s referred to as the “I Have a Scream” speech and it’s perfect.

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