Fortnite’s newest LTM, Big Battle, sees 40 vs. 40 action

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Fortnite unveils new LTM, “Big Battle”.

Ever think to yourself, “Boy, I love Fortnite but they don’t have a game where I and my 39 friends can all squad up?” Well, you’re still going to be thinking that despite Fortnite’s newest LTM, Big Battle. The game mode pits two teams of up to 40 players against one another in a massive team battle.

That said, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get into a lobby with 39 extra players.

The game mode is supposed to be the first of its kind for Fortnite, which sees two teams square off in a smaller portion of the map, already incircled by the storm. It’s more Call of Duty than Fortnite in this regard; restricting the map to maximize encounters.

Here’s what Fortnite had to say about the game mode;

"Look around you: it’s A LOT of players on your team. In the new Big Battle Limited Time Mode, you’re in a team of 40 facing another team of 40. The match begins with the Storm already circling the first zone, and you’ll see Uncommon-rarity items already in your loadout. The result? The action starts right away in this fast-paced, Zero Build LTM. To help you defeat the other team even faster, loot in Big Battle is Rare-rarity or higher."

Fortnite Big Battle won’t be around for long

For those new to the game, an LTM is a “limited-time mode”, meaning that it’s a game mode that won’t be around for more than a few weeks at best. There’s no end date yet for the match, though one could expect it to either make it to the end of Chapter 3 or maybe even the start of the next year.

It really all depends on how popular the game mode is. So if the game mode entices you, make sure you check it out before it’s gone.

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