5 Major map changes to Fortnite after the latest update

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Fortnite has seen a lot of changes after the latest update.

Fortnite has really done a lot of map updates over the course of the last four seasons. It’s truly impressive how creative the dev team can be when they put their minds to it. With the map expected to change completely with Chapter 4 on the horizon, it’s nice to see that the dev team is still putting in the same effort for the map in Chapter 3, Season 4.

The map has seen a lot of change, especially over the last few seasons, due to the chrome. Since the introduction of the chrome, landmarks have been changed radically with some POIs being elevated by the No Sweat Insurance company, while others become solid bricks that can’t be broken.

So it’s not that surprising that the game is still changing specific landmarks, even though we’re weeks away from the end of the season and chapter. So what new changes are in the game after the latest update?

Five major changes to Fortnite after the update

Tainted Towers

The buildings at Tilted Towers have been corrupted, turning the whole region into Tainted Towers, with most of the buildings now turning into solid chrome.

The Driftwood & Flairship

The flying pirate ship and blimp have found themselves in the bay east of the Foundation statute. This appears to be where the season live event will take place.

Hiltop Cabin Cafe

The cabin cafe on the Hiltop has been raised into the air thanks to No Sweat Insurance.

Chrome Spreads

The Chrome that has been leaking out from The Herald’s Sanctum has reached the REality Tree and the Zero point ahead of the season Chapter 3 finale

Chicken Pens

Have you seen random pens for chickens? Well, Avian Ambush week is coming, and you’ll see a huge increase in chickens on the island.

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