4 other iconic video game vehicles we want in Fortnite besides the Octane

Fortnite has brought in the Octane from Rocket League

Fortnite bringing in the Octane into the game was a great idea, even if it isn’t the best car for Battle Royale. The idea of such an iconic car like that making its way to such an iconic game is a gaming crossover for the ages. We just hope it’s not the only one.

Fortnite has the ability to crossover with so many other games, including ones that may be dormant. If the developers for both sides can come to some sort of agreement, Fortnite could possibly bring in even more iconic cars than just the Octane.

Some of these cars could be an even better fit for the game than the Octane, though that is a difficult task. These are the cars we think would be best suited for Fortnite, with the only caveat being that they’re all pretty famous cars from other video games.

Four iconic video game cars we want in Fortnite

Crazy Taxi

The iconic Crazy Taxi itself. Maybe it wouldn’t be the best vehicle suited for Fortnite, after all, it is a convertible, but upping its health to that beyond the semi-truck in the game would give it some really notable advantages.

Halo Warthog

The Halo Warthog is the perfect four-person buggy. It could conceivably fit three-to-five in the vehicle, depending on how it’s laid out, but it would probably work best as a two-person outfit.

Arkham Knight Batmobile

Arkham Knight may have been the least impressive of the three main-line Arkham games, but the Batmobile was a heck of a lot of fun. This beast, should it arrive in Fortnite, needs to be overpowered to the gills. We’re talking max health, full auto weapons, and no annoying option for another player to hop in with you.

Ferrari Testarossa

The Ferrari Testarossa is a real car, but it was also really the go-to vehicle of Cruisin USA. It wouldn’t be the actual Testarossa, obviously but we could call it something in the vein of the Cruisin USA title. Like, the Cruiser.