4 other Fortnite vehicles we want in Rocket League besides the Whiplash

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Rocket League has brought in the Whiplash from Fortnite but what other vehicles do we want?

Rocket League and Fortnite swapped cars, with the Octane popping up in Fortnite and the Whiplash in Rocket League. That was a cool concept, made possible because both games are now under the Epic Games umbrella.

The games are both free to play and a lot of fun, they’re also both games that really look at the more outlandish side of competition. Both games feature heavily in the realm of grandiose game plan that ignores reality-based physics.

Basically, both games are Looney Tunes in video game form and cranked up to 11 each. So when we think about more swaps between the games, we’re not going to go with the standard suggestions. No, we want the wildest vehicles from Fortnite in Rocket League.

Four other Fortnite vehicles we want in Rocket League

The Titan

Bringing in the Titan tank would be hilarious, especially if you make it slow but able to fire its cannon. You might be able to score some goals off that one aspect alone. Or, a lot of goals; depending on your accuracy.

The B.R.U.T.E.

Maybe we want a little more kicking in our Rocket League? Putting in the B.R.U.T.E. and giving him kicking abilities, as well as the ability to shoot rockets at the ball would again twist the game on its head in the best ways possible.

The Shopping Cart

Ok, so it’s the Shopping Cart from the early version of Fortnite but it has boosters like the Rocket League cars. So you just see your little avatar dude hanging on for dear life, flying around the map. Probably have a little animation where his legs fly in the air as he leaps through the sky. That’d be awesome.

The Baller

As with the others on this list, the Baller would retain its core concept; the grapple hook. The suction cup “hook” would add a whole new element to the game, allowing players to hook onto the ball and use the Baller’s own momentum to serve as the strike as the grappler reals in the player.

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