Rocket League’s iconic Octane car has come to Fortnite

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Rocket League’s Octane Car has come to Fortnite

Rocket League and Fortnite got together a little while back when the Epic Games platforms got together and shared some resources. The Rocket League Octane Car came to Fortnite’s creative mode. Fans were understandably miffed that the car was only coming to Creative and not to Battle Royale, as it would fit right in with the Fortnite mechanics and general vibe of the game.

Well as part of the crossover event, the developers have decided to do just that and have brought the iconic Octane Car to the Fortnite island indeed. Now you and your friends can drive around the map in the car that launched a million oversized soccer balls.

Not only that, but the Whiplash car will be heading to Rocket League as well. It’s not so much a switcheroo, as it is a clone of sorts. Both cars are still available in their original games, but now you can also play Whiplash in Rocket League.

Fortnite X Rocket League is among the more interesting crossover the game has ever done

When we talk about crossovers as of late, one of the things that become abundantly clear is the lack of originality with most of them. We just finished up with the 1000th Star Wars crossover, and we’re looking down the barrel of another Marvel one not too far away.

So to get a Rocket League crossover was a breath of fresh air. Yes, Epic Games now owns both outfits, that’s true, but the games fit so well with one another that the pairing just worked. This is the kind of stuff fans want to see more of in the future.

Granted, there aren’t a lot of games that match the high-end energy of Rocket League and Fortnite, that blend so seamlessly but they exist and Epic needs to find them out.

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