What is launching with Fortnite Chapter 4 in December besides a new island?

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Fortnite fans are getting a lot of new content in December.

Fortnite made a huge announcement on Sunday, announcing that Chapter 3 would be ending on Dec. 3. It’ll have a live event called Fracture and after a downtime of maybe two days, the game will return with Chapter 4.

When Chapter 4 does launch, fans will have a new island to explore, but that’s not all that’s going to be launching with it. Nope, several long-promised and eagerly anticipated new features and items will be joining the new map.

First, the long-awaited new Fortnite Creative 2.0 is coming. It’s going to be built with the Unreal Engine and will be called the Unreal Editor for Fortnite or UEFN. This has long been rumored and fans have been expecting it since at least the summer.

Another huge feature coming to the game, apparently, is First Person Mode, something we’ve talked about before. First-Person Mode will change how the game is played completely, but fans should still be able to toggle between first and third-person modes.

According to HYPEX (tweet below), a new cosmetic type is coming, called Apparel. This may mean you can add accessories to established character models, like capes and stuff. Though what fans are getting exactly is still unknown.

Fans will also be getting two new rideables, including the long waited motorcycles, as well as the debut of flying animals. Meaning fans can finally fly around the map.

No doubt, this would make things needlessly more stupid, as the rideable wolves are bad enough.

Fortnite Chapter 4 is an opportunity to reshape the game

Much like how Chapter 3 brought in new mechanics like sliding and vaulting, Chapter 4 poses to bring new mechanics to the game that won’t shake up the status quo but outright obliterate it.

There’s a chance that riding animals in the sky and first-person breaks the game beyond repair, or makes it even better. It’s far too early to see and only time will truly tell if that’s the case.

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