Will Fortnite ever give fans the planes they promised in October?

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Fortnite fans still wait anxiously for the return of planes to the game.

Fortnite fans have been waiting for planes to arrive in the game for weeks now. Fans have already gotten to take the prop planes for a spin in seasons past but the game has grown and added a new player base, and now fans are waiting for their chance to get their hands on the aircraft.

Fans believed that was coming when Fortnite brought back helicarriers around the time of Fortnitemares. With the chrome covering the island, the idea would be that these platforms would give fans a chance to stay above any nastiness on the ground. With more and more chrome covering the island, the last month of the season could be a giant game of “The Floor is Lava”.

The planes, ideally, would help with that.  Yet, here we are after the last update that removed Fortnitemares and there’s been no sign we’re ever getting them back. But hey, dawg, Fortnite heard you liked Star Wars, so they put Star Wars in your Star Wars, so at least we get that, right?

We’re not sure when the next update is coming, but we know it’s coming soon-ish.

Don’t hold your breath for the return of planes to Fortnite

Some fans who are holding out hope for the planes will cite the current advertising for the Ralph Lauren Polo crossover as a sign that planes are still coming. In one of the images, you can see the plane in the background at a hangar.

However, what fans don’t realize is advertising like this is made months in advance. The decision not to include something can be made just hours before it’s supposed to go live. The planes were supposed to be unvaulted weeks ago, and they weren’t.

Referring to an advertisement, made months in advance, as a sign that airplanes are coming isn’t sound logic. Moreover, where is there a hangar? If the image is supposed to suggest planes are coming, wouldn’t it be on a helicarrier?

More than likely, the planes, much like skating over summer, have been shuttered completely. Why? Who knows, but it’s moves like this that drive off the player base.

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