What are Fortnite’s quests for Week 8 and how do you complete them?

Epic Games, chrome
Epic Games, chrome /

Fortnite has revealed its Week 8 quests and we have some advice on how to complete them.

Fortnite has once again unveiled its weekly quests and this week will see the 8th installment of Chapter 3, Season 4. The weekly quests haven’t been too challenging as of late, with mostly repetitive acts across multiple matches being the name of the game.

This week is no different, as most of the “daunting” or “difficult” quests involve doing things players don’t always do, making it hard for them to remember to them unless they’re constantly checking their quest lists.

That said, these on their own aren’t all that difficult, so what are we looking at for this week?

"Week 8 QuestsCollect weapons from eliminated opponents (2)Deal damage to opponents using Shotguns from 15 meters away or less (100)Hit an opponent with a FireFly Jar (1)Launch into the air using Launch pads in different matches (3)Mark a weapon, a vehicle and a fish in a single match (3)Search Produce Boxes, Ice Machines, or Coolers (5)Throw Cow Catchers or Off-Road Tyres (3)"

What are the more difficult quests for Fortnite fans in Week 8

If I had to pick the “toughest” quests, the two would be the launch pads quest and the marking quests, and not because either act is particularly hard. It’s because they are the ones that aren’t usually done by fans in games.

While the launch pads will be more useful in a Zero Build contest, most fans don’t pick them up, let alone make it a point to use them in three different matches. The same goes for the marking function. I can’t remember the last time I marked anything on a Fortnite map, in fact, I hate when things get marked without me doing it.

Things like throwing a consumable or using a healing keg will automatically mark things, but beyond that, I don’t generally have any need or desire to litter my map with markers.

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