What are Fortnite’s quests for Week 7 and how do you complete them?

Epic Games, cloudy condos
Epic Games, cloudy condos /

Fortnite fans can now complete the Week 7 quests.

Week 7 quests are here for Fornite fans. The quests give fans a chance to wrack Up XP and level up and with the seasonal Battle Pass, as well as the new Chrome Punk out available, earning XP and leveling up is always important.

For the most part, the quests aren’t hard, they’re pretty obvious and self-explanatory, you just have to find a way to accomplish this stuff across several matches and you should be able to get them done with.

Then again, some are a bit more difficult than not and if you’re a newer player, you may need some help figuring out what to do. That’s where we come in.

"Week 7 QuestsDamage opponents with Pistols, Harvesting Tools or Grenades (500)Damage opponents with Ranged Weapons while Riding Wildlife (200)Damage opponents with Shotguns (500)Deal damage to opponents at Loot Lake (200)Enter a Chrome Vortex (1)Pick Fruit from Reality Saplings (3)Search Chrome Chests at Flutter Barn or Shiny Sound (5)"

What are the hardest quests for this week?

This week doesn’t seem to have too many challenges that would be too difficult, though we have a feeling that most fans will struggle with damaging opponents with pistols, tools, and the like. Pistols aren’t the best weapon in any situation but they can come in handy if you’re going from a more impactful weapon in mid-combat to them instead. After all it’s faster to switch weapons than reload.

Outside of that, the two “hardest” challenges for many will be dealing damage at Loot Lake and unlocking chests at Flutter Barn or Shiny Sound. Not because they’re challenging, but most players have a usual drop-in, a place they like to start the match off at. Most players then go to where the storm circle appears, and that doesn’t always take a player to any of the locations.

So if you’re hellbent on doing all the quests, you’ll have to start off in a rather unfamiliar location, which can always be a bit more difficult.

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