The Dial-a-Drop is mostly just an ok item when it comes down to it

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The Dial-a-Drop is mostly just an ok item and not worth going out of your way to get it

The Dial-A-Drop gave Fortnite fans a unique new way to get items and weapons. Simply find a radio item in a chest or lying around, and use it. You’ll make a call to someone and then be given the option of a health crate, a typical crate with various weapons and items, or a truck with a plow and those big wheels on it already.

It’s great in a pinch if you’re out of weapons, ammo, or health and you’re still early in the game and far enough away from opposing players to use it. But it takes so long to drop (though faster than your run-of-the-mill packages), and if you’re in need of any of these items late in the game, you’re a sitting duck unless you go and hide while it comes down.

The idea of the Dial-a-Drop is great, in theory, but it lacks a certain something in the execution. Frankly, while it does have three options, I feel a fourth or even a fifth option would make the item so much better all things considered.

Add two more categories to the Dial-a-Drop in Fortnite

Extending the Dial-a-Drop to five categories, not just three, would give fans more versatility and more of a reason to hunt one of these things down. Firstly, add an explosions box. Grenades, firefly jars, shockwave grenades, etc. Make sure each item is maxed out for a more complete purpose.

Secondly, and more importantly, add an air strike option. It’d work just like the actual Dial-a-Drop, where you would call whoever, and then throw the marker, only this time instead of getting a box of whatever, your enemies get 10 seconds of explosive carnage that they can’t run from.

Next. It’d be great if Fortnite did less with Star Wars and more with Star Trek. dark