5 things added to the game following the end of Fortnitemares you may have missed

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Fortnite made these five changes after Fortnitemares ended which you may have missed.

Fortnite ended its Fortnitemares event with a solid outing. It wasn’t as good as it could’ve been but it was a huge step up after the events of No Sweat Summer. This year’s event brought us new weapons, new bosses, candy to eat, and all sorts of themed fun.

Yet, when it was over, and everything came to an end, things were different. Now, it’s been nearly two weeks since the event ended but we thought it’d be fun to still look back and see what exactly the game brought us, even if some of these items are no longer part of the game.

So with there, there were five things you may have missed after Fortnitemares ended in November.

Five things you may have missed after Fortnitemares starts November

Land Speeder in the Junkrift

When fans got another chance to use the Junkrift this year, we still got the usual dinosaurs and anchors, but a new item that was added was Star Wars’ Land Speeder, which became another piece of junk to squash all of the other players on the island. Yet, with the end of the latest Star Wars event, the Junkrift was re-vaulted.

No chrome for the Devourer

The chrome continues to spread across the island, with it even showing up in the rivers now. Yet, one place it didn’t show up was at the base of the Devourer bones near Tilted Towers. The Chrome brings everything it touches back to life (even vehicles), and many fans thought the Chrome would bring back the giant beast. Yet, no luck there.

Chrome Jam Junction has No Sweat Insurance

No Sweat Insurance has hopped around the map, and it’s currently at Chrome Jam Junction at the moment, but it’ll likely be somewhere new come Monday.

Pirate Ship near Joneses

The Pirate ship is now on the Eastern part of the map, near the Joneses’ hideout, just a bit southwest-ish of the gas station near the bay. Like with the No Sweat Insurance building, it’ll likely have a new home soon.

Animals have loot (purple glow) again

Animals, beyond just the chickens and the crows, have loot in them. So if you see a wolf looking like he just came home from a rave, make sure you get what he’s hiding.

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