Fortnitemares wasn’t all it could be but was a step up from other recent events

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Fortnite’s Fortnitemares is over but was it better than No Sweat Summer?

Fortnitemares is the annual October tradition in Fortnite. It gives the game a seasonal celebration of spooky fun. The entire map takes on a Halloween theme and players absolutely go bananas for it. This year fans got so much more than they had in previous events.

Firstly, fans got two additional bosses to fight, totaling the number on the island to three. Of course, we had The Herald. Then the Fortnitemares campaign gave us The Inkqusitor and Willow. The Inksquisitor was found at Grim Gables while Willow was off in the North Eastern part of the map.

The inclusion of Evil Dead and its star Ash Williams was also a neat touch. It really gave fans of old-school horror and Sam Rami a nice little nod of the cap to them.

Fans also got Halloween candy to eat that would give them abilities like Zero Point dashing, infrared vision, zero gravity jumping, and other neat stuff. Yet, besides some timely released cosmetics in the shop and the Halloween decorations on the various POIs, that was about all the game gave us.

Oh, and the Howler Wolf Claws, which were a mixed bag. On one hand, the claws were not great against a player with a gun and full health, but on the other hand, the ability to dash mid-air and avoid fall damage and the Wolf Sense that came with it was awesome.

So when compared to No Sweat Summer, did Fortnitemares surpass it? Yes, but it did have some issues.

Fortnitemares outdid No Sweat Summer but left fans wanting more

Fortnitemares did far more for the game than No Sweat Summer did, but fans were still wondering about why some of the bigger aspects of the game were never delivered on. Namely, we got hover carriers with runways but no planes.

That is a lot similar to No Sweat Summer giving us a skatepark and no skates or skateboards. So while the October event was leagues better than its summer counterpart, it also fell short of expectations.

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