What’s going on with Save the World following the latest update?

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Fans of Fortnite’s Save the World got some updates last week.

While Fortnite Save the World isn’t uploading a ton of new content, fans of the game are always being given stuff to try and get their hands on. That’s still the case even though the game has been out for a lot of years. While most of this stuff is re-uploaded, there is an occasional new item or character to get your hands on.

The game is currently running the Hexslyvania Venture Season through Nov. 20, 2022.

Fans who log in now will get the chance to play some Halloween-themed questlines. First is the Door to Darkness Questline, which will have players venture to Oakridge Lodge “Stoneplankentwine’s third most haunted hotel”. If you complete this mission you’ll get the Outlander Hero Willow character.

To get her, you’ll have to complete the “Door of Darkness Quest”. Once you get her, you’ll get to use her Outlanders Standard Perk, the Ghoulish Cackle. By using this, you can do more damage the more injured you are. If you combine her Cackle with the Commander Perk, you can summon a Phantasm to help you out in battle.

That’s not all that’s in Save the World

The Husk Grinder is in the game, and it’s part of the Black Metal weapon set. It allows players to use the Maelstrom attack. Also back in the game is the Dirge Song, a submachine gun that fires in nine-round bursts.

The Jonesee-Bot is also back and in the Save the World store if you’re looking to increase your locker. Here’s what you get with the Jonesee-Bot

"JONESEE-BOT’s Standard Perk, Ow. My eye! increases headshot damage based on the percentage of your missing Health. JONESEE-BOT’s Commander Perk, Ow. My eye! + in addition to his standard perk grants players a chance to conjure a Phantasm upon eliminations which seeks out nearby foes and deals energy damage in a small radius."

Fortnite also updated the bug fixes for this round of updates, which you can see below;

"Fixed an issue that caused the Downed accolade to not be granted correctly in Survive the Night.Fixed an issue that caused players to not be granted the participation accolade after failing the Night 1: Rumors of Ghost Activity quest.Fixed an issue that caused the schematic perk modification page tooltip to be cut off when trying to modify a schematic.Fixed an issue in the Labs that caused the statue on floor 2 to not have collision.Fixed an issue that caused trap tiles to still trigger even if the player built over them."

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