Fortnite Skull Squad Pack is back in the store and it’s awesome

Epic Games, chrome
Epic Games, chrome /

Fortnite has put out the Skull Squad Pack once again and it’s worth the money.

The Fortnite Skull Pack is back in the Fortnite store for a limited time and you better hop in on this one as it’s worth your time. With Halloween around the corner, I go bonkers for anything that feels in line with the holiday.

It’s my favorite time of the year. I love the ambiance, the style, the colors, and the whole kit and kaboodle. It’s a wonderful time, and Fortnite embracing the holiday is a great thing as well. Not only are you able to see some real changes to the game with upcoming villains and the eventual arrival of the Fortnitemares, but the game also goes all out for the costumes as well.

The Fortnite item shop is inundated with great looks and one of the best in there right now is the Skull Squad Pack. It’s a pack that contains spooky takes on some Fortnite legends. We have boney-versions of Fishsticks, Cuddle Team Leader, Beef Boss, and Ravage.

The outfits look like they’re going to be trolling around a California schoolyard looking for Daniel LaRusso and that alone makes them pretty dope. The other thing is how iconic the characters are beyond their Halloween-adjacent looks. Save for Ravage, Fishsticks, Beef Boss, and Cuddle Team Leader are some of the most popular characters and you don’t always get a chance to get them.

While these may be more kid-friendly macabre versions, they’re still versions you can get. The price for the pack is $19.99

What comes in the Skull Squad Pack?


  • Fishuskull Outfit
  • Skull Squad Leader Outfit
  • Bone Ravage Outfit
  • Bad Bones Outfit

Back Blings

  • Bone Wings Back Bling
  • Cuddly Bones Back Bling
  • Creep Fried Back Bling


  • Bait Bones Pickaxe
  • Beef Bone Pickaxe

Gliders & Wraps

  • Skelly Sailer Glider
  • Bony Wrap

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