3 ways to use the Unstable Goo Gun in Fortnite now that it’s here

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With the new Unstable Goo Gun in Fortnite, we thought we’d give you some tips on how to use it.

The new Unstable Goo Gun is the gun we all want Fortnite to have. I’d love to see all of the “traditional” weapons go away forever, and have players only use nonsensical weapons like this. The unstable Goo Gun is a wildly fun time and I pray to the Fortnite gods (which is just different versions of Peely at this point) that Epic Games and Fortnite do nothing to nerf the weapon.

It is perfection. Even though it can just as easily damage you as it will your enemy. The Unstable Goo Gun is wild and destructive. It’s like a Super Soaker but for adults, who have licenses to work with explosives.

That said, the weapon isn’t like anything you’ve had in a long time in Fortnite; if ever. So if you’re unsure what you can do with it, we have some tips.

Three things you can do with the Unstable Goo Gun in Fortnite

Destroy everything

If it’s destructible, you can destroy it with the Goo Gun. Buildings, trees, vehicles, it can all be washed away in a tidal wave of goo. It’s even great to use on cars because if you get enough on it as a player is zooming by, the goo will destroy the car, and likely, eliminate the player at the same time.

Corral players

If you’re in a team match, the Goo Gun isn’t just a great weapon but it’s a great way to narrow players into a trap. With your ability to lay the goo anywhere you want, you can force players away from one spot and towards another, where a trap could be waiting. The goo causes damage even if it doesn’t land directly on the player, but is close enough to it, so you can easily put some anxiety into your opposition with this weapon.

Eliminate players

Douse a player with enough goo and they’re going to be having a very bad time. Just be careful about how you use it and where, because you can hurt yourself with the goo when it goes off.

dark. Next. Should all weapons have an auto-evolution like the EvoChromes?