Fortnite X Rocket League is here and the devs want to see your best island

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Fortnite X Rocket League is here and the developers want to see your best island.

Another crossover between gaming icons is underway as Fortnite and Rocket League are partnering up for a new crossover called Fortnite X Rocket League. The new partnership will not b a robust one but they are offering fans a chance to get in on the action.

The v22.10 update in Fortnite brought the iconic Rocket League car “Octane” to the game. It’s in creative mode and it’s in creative mode for a good reason. The Octane car moves and operates with the same physics as the car would in Rocket Leauge.

Why is that?

Well, Fortnite wants you to create your own island involving the Octane and the numerous ways to have fun with it. Fortnite wants creators to design an island that not only focuses on the speed of the car but will also challenge it in a “fun, engaging way”. Meaning, ramps, angled walls, and all sorts of chaos.

The best islands as picked by Fortnite and Epic games will be featured in November as part of a special Discover Row.

Below are the entire island design guidelines from Epic Games themselves with the submission rules and how to submit the island for review.

What are the rules for entry in Fortnite X Rocket League

Island Design Guidelines

"We’re looking for:Groundbreaking islands that utilize the newly-released Rocket League Octane Spawner device and make the most of the driving experience in Fortnite. Celebrate the Octane vehicle and the possibilities it adds to the creator toolbox!Unsure where to start? Visit the Rocket League’s Octane Tutorial island — published by creator team 404 Creative — to help you out. (Island code: 7335-2078-5523)Thoughtful level design. See how you can evolve genres by using the new Rocket League Octane Spawner device.See the “Level Design Best Practices” document for reference.The imagination to either reinvent the wheel or put a spin on classic genre tropes.Driving, Deathrun, and so many other genres are just waiting for a shot of Octane! For example: flip a normal road race on its head by utilizing the Octane’s distinct features.Island TipsNow that you’ve read the guidelines, here are some tips to give your Octane islands extra flair. These aren’t required, but they can help get you across the starting line!Use the New Rocket Boost DeviceIn addition to the Rocket League Octane Spawner device for spawning Octanes, creators also have the Rocket Boost device available. This new device is a customizable pickup that works only with the Octane and restores its unique Boost resource."

The Rocket Boost device.

"Use the New Rocket League Prop GalleryThere are the two new devices, but there’s also the Rocket League Prop Gallery. With this new Gallery, creators can make their islands themed after Octane’s home turf. Place down Rocket League Trusses, Banners, a Car Statue, and Chevron Lights!"

The Rocket League Prop Gallery.

"Check out the “Rocket League’s Octane Template” IslandThe “Rocket League’s Octane Tutorial” island was discussed above, but to give creators design inspiration, 404 Creative also published the Rocket League’s Octane Template island. Visit this island to get ideas for your own, or just for a fun diversion in your island designing! Access Rocket League’s Octane Template via the island code 7808-4434-5127 and see the Octane’s potential on display."

Submission Criteria

"Only one island per creator will be accepted.We’re looking for high-quality experiences that highlight the possibilities of the Octane.Fully functional islands that use devices well, set effective boundaries, and are highly polished make for a better player experience and are more likely to be featured.Prioritize innovation. (Besides the Rocket League Octane Spawner device, islands must use at least one additional device released in 2022.)Never-before-seen island designs that push limits will certainly grab our attention.Each submission requires a video overview.Submission videos must show a fly-through of the entire island as well as one round of gameplay.Submissions do NOT need to be new islands.This callout offers a unique opportunity to either develop an entirely new island that highlights the Octane vehicle, or to update and refine one of your already-existing islands to involve the Octane in some way.Promotional trailers are encouraged.Including a captivating promotional trailer for your island is not required but highly encouraged. (Video overviews are required, however.)How to SubmitThe island submission window starts October 18, 2022, at 10 AM ET. During the submission window, submit your island through the Creative Content submission form, making sure to select the drop-down option for “Rocket League’s Octane Callout.” Islands must be submitted before 12 AM on November 1, 2022."

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