Fortnite officially announces when Fortnitemares begins

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Fortnite is bringing Fortnitemares back for players to have fun with

Seasonal celebrations are, in our opinion, the spice of life. We love the idea of our favorite things getting a holiday-themed version. Red, white and blue condiments on the Fourth of July, purple and pink candies for Valentine’s Day, and half-dead bananas for Halloween.

That last one may not make sense if you’re not a fan of Fortnite, but Peely Bone is an icon. A horrifying, horrifying icon.

With the launch of the new season, with it came the expectation that Fortnite would once again dive back into the land of the spookiness. That’s exactly what’s happening, as Fortnite is once again gearing up to celebrate Fortnitemares, Fortnite’s annual celebration of all things spook.

Oct. 18 is the date that fans can expect to see the return of the event, and it’ll come with v22.20. While we don’t know what to expect, leaks have led us to believe that a new Halloween-themed villain will be around, as will some type of chrome zombie-like creatures. Past years have also brought in new locations to explore, modes to play, weapons, and items to purchase, so who knows what will come this year?

Fortnite may be teasing the new villain in its promotional teaser

Fortnite posted a Twitter video of this mysterious jewel-shaped wolf, which may be the character coming to the game that fans will have to battle. New outfits are being hinted at, and it’s very possible that this may just be a hint at future outfits fans can get.

If it is a boss, however, it does fit in line with the current theories about the game’s storyline. There are some who believe The Herald has ties to the Cube Queen from the last Chapter, and that they’re working in tandem. This new wolf character shares elements of both, so it’s possible this may be the villain introduced in Fortntiemares.

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