What’s better in Fortnite; the Port-A-Fort or the Port-A-Bunker?

Epic Games, port-a-bunker
Epic Games, port-a-bunker /

Fortnite brought in a brand new item for Chapter 3, Season 4, the Port-A-Bunker.

When Fortnite brought in Zero Build mode, they wanted the gameplay to be the thing that captured the hearts and minds of players. They didn’t want to rely on the building mechanic, a mechanic that gives some more experienced players an unfair edge.

Getting rid of that feature allowed more players an ingress into the game. More players were able to get into the game or get back into the game thanks to Zero Build mode. Despite the name, and the fact that it took away building and harvesting, that didn’t end up sticking completely. In came the Port-A-Fort, a tall structure that you could throw down and get instant cover.

It was a huge structure and some players didn’t like how big it was, despite the fact it did do a good job giving you the high grind in a firefight. With the demand for something smaller, the Port-A-Bunker was brought in. It’s a smaller structure, designed for a more compact last-stand type of situation, presumably with teammates.

With that said, which item was really better?

Which Fortnite item is better, the Port-A-Fort or Port-A-Bunker?

The Port-A-Fort I would argue has the advantage in several areas. It’s a better item to use to get away from an opponent. With the tires in the base of the fort, you can rocket up to the top and then escape off any of the sides you want, usually out of the line of sight of the person pursuing you. It also gave you the advantage over most opponents due to its sheer height of it. If you were a sniper or a fan of picking off players from atop, this was the perfect structure for you.

The Port-A-Bunker, on the other hand, is more condensed. It’s a three-wall structure with a slight ramp running across it diagonally, allowing players to take a higher advantage point on one side, while two other players can sit under the sloped surface and fire out behind their compadres. For a team battle, it’s perfect, as it gives you the ability to defend your position far more concisely. For escape purposes, it’s awful, as it’s pretty easy to keep track of anyone who uses one. There is no sharp increase that may make it harder to keep track of someone.

For solo, battle royale situations, the Port-A-Fort is the best object, for team play, the Port-A-Bunker is better.

As I don’t play team modes, my pick for which is better is the Port-A-Fort.

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