The floating locations in Fortntie will eventually be on the move

Epic Games, cloudy condos
Epic Games, cloudy condos /

Fortnite made the move to lift several locations into the air.

No Sweat Insurance is doing everything it can to save the island from the chrome that is taking over the map. The chrome is seeping out of points on the map and slowly taking over the island with the presumptive idea that by the season’s end, the chrome will have taken over every point on the map.

Lazy Lagoon has changed into Lustrous Lagoon, and the pirate ship that appeared in the now-water-filled volcano is now attached to balloons. Cando Canyon is now Cloudy Condos, with a huge portion of one of the buildings in the air. There’s even one at Tilted Towers, which is hosting up a huge block of the buildings there as well.

These floating POIs are designed to protect specific structures from the chrome. They aren’t the only ones either. There are smaller platforms that are floating about, one just north-eastish of the Zero Point, and if we’re being technical, the rebuilt blimp by the Rave Cave also counts.

But why are all they floating? Is it just to avoid the chrome?

Fortnite POIs will begin moving soon

From the reality tree roots to the chrome, it’s smart to not stay in one place for too long these days if you’re on the Fortnite island. So it shouldn’t surprise players to find out that the map will begin seeing these POIs actually move around the island.

The moving POIs will make the new launchers found around the island that much more useful, as you’ll be able to rocket yourself from the island to these floating paradise vessels. The hope is that the rotating locations will keep the map fresh every game, but the reality roots were supposed to do the same thing and fans just didn’t get into it.

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