Losing Fortnite’s Grapple Glove wasn’t a big deal even with Spider-Gwen

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Fortnite vaulting the Grapple Glove isn’t a big deal.

Fortnite fans loved getting to use the Spider-Man web-slinger when it was brought into the game a few seasons ago. It was one of the most popular and more beloved items, even if it was overpowered as heck. It made the game a bit too hard to play, especially with how some would use the item.

Fortnite got rid of it when the Spider-Man: No Way Home film tie-in was complete, but they’d eventually revisit the idea with Chapter 3, Season 3’s Grapple Glove. The Grapple Glove was used in a similar fashion to the Spider-Man web-slinger, though it wasn’t nearly as fast and didn’t have as many uses.

Thus making it far more manageable to play with and against. Its nerfing, however, also destroyed most of its upside. It was no longer as fast, which meant it was easier for players to take you out if you tried to run. That was the big advantage of the web-slinger, just how fast it was and how quickly you could get out of a situation. The nerfing of the stats caused the Grapple Glove to never catch on as the web-slinger did, so it’s no surprise the game got rid of it.

Getting rid of the Grapple Glove is no big deal, Spider-Gwen or not

A lot of fans are upset that Spider-Gwen is in the game, but can’t actually traverse the map as some would have hoped she could have. To that I say, so what? This isn’t a Spider-Man game, and to cater an entire loot pool to one Battle Pass character is silly.

The Grapple Glove was awful, and it needed to go. The new chrome items are far better, and allow you to traverse the island at a much faster pace. They’re a significant upgrade to the Grapple Glove and the chrome item used in the game makes the Grapple Gloves extremely expendable.

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