Key vaults are so much better than the old co-op vaults

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Fortnite has changed the way they allow players to access vaults.

Before the newest season of Fortnite, in a long and forgotten time period of just last month (and months before even), players who wanted to access the loot vaults in the game needed to do one of several things. Either hire an NCP, play with a friend, find a chicken and bring it with you, or if it was starting with Chapter 3, ride an animal (namely a wolf), and use the other character with you to access the vault.

See the vaults used to require two different characters to access them. So you usually needed someone, anyone really, to help get you in the vault.

Well, with the change to Season 4, those are gone and now vaults can be accessed by keys. There are also more vaults all over the map, with far better loot than you used to get. To access these vaults, you’ll need at least one key to get into a low-security vault, two to get into a high-security vault and when they’re added, three to get into the maximum-security vaults.

Some fans aren’t happy about this, as they seem to think riding a wolf was the easiest thing in the world, as opposed to getting a few keys.

Fortnite adding keys for vaults made the entire concept so much easier to do

I usually drop in at Coney Crossroads and I’m telling you, I find at least three keys every match in that area alone. They’re usually found in the more populated areas, the bigger drop-ins, and the places with the most chests. They’re not at all hard to find and being a mostly single-mode type of player, the change to keys has made it far easier for me to access these once nearly unobtainable areas.

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