4 items we’re still waiting on to arrive in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4

Epic Games, chrome
Epic Games, chrome /

Fortnite promised us some goodies this season that haven’t arrived just yet.

Fortnite brought in a variety of items for the newest season of Fortnite. This is a rather usual thing that the game does, replenishing the loot pool, as the devs call it. Usually, the loot pool will see new weapons, items and consumables added and removed every so often, but one of the biggest and most usual updates come with the change to the new seasons.

This isn’t the only time changes come to the loot pool, as any update will do the same thing usually. There was a hot-fix a few days ago that brought back the Ranger Shotgun for instance.

Yet, when the new season comes, usually the loot pool gets a heap of new items, but this time around all fans got were the EvoChrome weapons. Several items were promised in the trailer or promotional images we haven’t gotten yet, and we’re here to talk about those items.

Four items we haven’t received yet in Fortnite


The four-wheel, golf-cart-like vehicle was shown in some promotional images and many fans thought it’d be here when they booted the game up. That didn’t happen, and we’re still waiting for its inclusion into the game. As more POIs get lifted up and the chrome spreads further across the island, it’ll be interesting to see if it does get added. Especially with the focus seemingly being on more aerial objects

Guided Missle

The guided missile was also shown in promotional images. It won’t be the first time such a weapon was used in Fortnite but it will mark the first explosive projectile that players can use in some time.

DMR Cobra

A sister-rifle to the standard DMR, the DMR Cobra will have a faster rate of speed but will take longer to load and cause less damage than the traditional DMR.

Unstable Liquid Gun

The most anticipated new weapon, a gun that shoots an explosive liquid that sticks to players. This will be a lot of fun to use, especially if it has no set motion attached to it, allowing it to be used more like a hose you can control the direction of.

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